Q: Are you only an online store or have a locations?

A: Egyptlaptop.com started his work 2007 with just the website in its first version and only 1 place.now the company has a 13 branches all over egypt.


Q: How can I reach to you?

A: As many of online stores today, once your order steps has been completed, we will deliver the product that you  picked up at your door.


Q: Have you ability to provide a corporates ?

A: Yeas, we work in this market to provide the both of end-user & corporations with iT products as: network, P.O.S ,projectors, computers, servers, ...etc.


Q: What are the benefits to buy from you?

A: You can buy the best product with good price, sometimes our prices not be the best, but it's always good, also you can visit our branches if you look forward to pick the suitable one yourself.


Q: The time of work?

A: from 12 pm to 10 pm, and work all week.


Q: The warranty type?

A: Egyptlaptop.com was powered by (Reding Tone) (Raya) (Quest) for along time.so the warranty of our products comes from those power of attorneys, may be some products without this type of warranty, so, don't hesitate to ask about product type of warranty, either online by chat service here or by call  


Q: I'm out of Cairo, can I buy from your online store?

A: Since, we have an online store, shipping service in 2:6 work days and international warranty, so:you can buy anywhere, anytime.